Compressed T shirts


Compressed T shirts
Compressed T shirts

 Corporate Gifts in Mumbai use 100% cotton t shirts and compress them down to the size of your hand for a unique, one-of-a-kind, powerful promotional tool. We have hundreds of compressed t shirt shapes to choose from for your next promotion. This is the perfect marketing tool for your next business party, product launch, trade show, or promotional giveaway. Customize your compressed t shirt by selecting from a wide range of t shirt colors and screen print your custom image on the t shirt and full color digitally printed insert card.

There are many ways to use a promotional compressed t-shirt:

Trade show giveaways –

  • This is your personal contact opportunity to show your innovation in business and service. Make it memorable.

Product launch –

  • Launching a new product? Create a buzz about it by advertising before and during the product’s release.

Customer appreciation –

  • Using the compressed t shirt as a giveaway in everyday business is reason enough for customers to love you.

The average size of a compressed t shirt is 3.5” X 8” X 1.75” THICK. It starts with blank, 100% cotton, t shirt that can be printed on up to 4 locations using screen printing or digital print techniques. Next, we compress it into a stock or custom shape. We then add one, two, or three insert cards over the t shirt with stock or custom artwork. Finally, you have the most talked about promotional item in the palm of your hands.

We are dedicated to having the best compressed t-shirts at the lowest price, no matter what… and we want your business! We’ll win your business with our low prices and keep it with our excellent customer service and top-quality product.

T-shirts are one of the most popular promotional products available. We have added the process of compression to add extra value.  Clients are always on the lookout for original promotional products at great prices. In this case, compressed T-shirts are an excellent choice. The product creates a buzz and gets customers talking. It adds extra value and appeal to your brand, is cost effective and affordable.


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