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They say, “Pen is mightier than the sword!” Indeed it is… Put pen on paper and you have the capability to change the world. They help you jot down things, write your thoughts and give vision to them. Metal writing pens are specially used for signatures or signing an autograph! But do you know what more can they be used for? Promotion of a brand! Yes, pens are super useful when it comes to promoting your brand or business in the market. This is not at all surprising because they are used in every company and these pens can easily be custom printed or engraved to anyone’s business needs. Corporate Gifts in Mumbai’s custom engraved promotional pens are in high demand because of their effectiveness in marketing of any product or a brand.Metallic Pen

More about the Customized metallic pen:

The Customized Metallic pen is sleek and perfect to be tagged within your cost’s pocket. It has a silver glaze to it, with a touch of golden for accentuating the beauty.

  • The entire body is mad out of silver glaze, along with golden top, holder and the other end of the pen. This finest mx of silver and golden color is enough to attract maximum clients towards your kitty.
  • It is defined to be a cross century classic pens, made out of silver metal. It is ball pen, and perfect for signing those cheques and other mandatory documents.
  • As the product is engravable, so you can engrave your company’s name, logo or any other information you want. However, that will not degrade the condition, and the outer body will not feel any difference.

Steer your flair for writing with our customised promotional metal engraved pens… Our laser engraved name pens are intricately designed and the engraving process is done using a high quality laser beam, enabling sharp and clear imprinting of your brand on the pen. Our customised engraved pens have different types of designs available, i.e. you can change the font of your brand name to be imprinted on the pen. You can also get your logo engraved alongwith your company.

Gift our personalised pens to your employees and clients as a token of appreciation and promote your brand efficiently. Whenever your clients write something, they remember you with your company name engraved on their pens. This results in brilliant branding. Corporate Gifts in Mumbai’s customised engraved metal pens are the best promotional items used today by many companies and businesses. This technique is spot on for start-ups and small businesses as it is the most cost-effective promotional technique to market your brand. These name engraved pens provide your business the desired exposure and solidify your relationships with your clients.

We have everything you need to run your business smoothly. We have about 33 different types of customised metal engraved promotional pens that meet your business needs and brand your product. You can browse our customised metal pens online and select from a range of templates and fonts available. With us, you get to order as low as a single pen and doorstep delivery.

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