Need a quick, easy way to create promotional corporate gifts for your sports team or business sales promotion? Promotional t shirts as a corporate gifts is a major way to advertise your company and to build recognition for your group, and promotional t shirts printing is a proven way to get your name and corporate logo seen.

Promotional t shirts for your events, tradeshows and as an advertising specialty can be easily customized and designed online. A promotional t-shirts (or tee shirt) is a shirt; usually pocket less, with short sleeves. The sleeves of the promotional T shirts extend at least slightly over the shoulder but not completely over the elbow. Promotional T shirts are typically made of cotton or polyester fibres (or a mix of the two), knitted together in a jersey stitch that gives a promotional T shirts its distinctive soft texture.T Shirts

Promotional T shirts are often printed with company logo, slogan, text and/or pictures. They are also widely known as promo custom printed t shirts. Promotional T shirt are another great way to endorse your business, while making the presence of your company, whether you are looking for long-sleeves or short-sleeves, you can count on us for the finest quality at a very reasonable price. Promotional T shirt can be great giveaways for trade shows, conventions, meetings, and employee recognition events. As always in the world of collectibles, prices and color of this promotional t shirt can vary wildly from one item to the next, subject to the sizes and cotton contents and texture.

Promotional t shirt are available in small, medium, lengthy sizes at an economical price. A Promotional T shirt (or tee shirt) is a shirt, usually button less, collarless, and pocket less, with a round neck and short sleeves that is pulled on over the head and covers most of a person’s torso. A shirt that is either longer or shorter than this ceases to be a T shirt, at least in the classic sense. Logo gift T shirts are often promotional apparel with customized printed text, and/or promotional pictures. Promotional T shirt include colourful styles for men and women, and for all age groups.

Corporate Gifts in Mumbai offer promotional t-shirts online on our website. T-shirts available in the market are printed with funky designs and logos, what we bring to you are t-shirts which will carry your own Office logo and your own sign to be worn by your employees. Think of the publicity it will do, when you walk into a man wearing T-shirt with company logo.


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